Tornado Warning

I made a stop on my way home from work that put me in line with leaving at the time of a tornado warning in the area.  I tried to get ahead of it but by the time I left, the sky was black and branches were starting to accumulate on the road.  A down tree and an urgent message on kc101 to “avoid the area of Coventry / Mansfield Depot and the Storrs campus” shook some sense into me and I decided to pull over at Chucks to wait it out.  I ordered a skinny margarita and a avocado crisp appetizer and fooled around on my phone while I made plans to see attend a book release / peaking event with a friend.  I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone lately – after the spontaneous trip to Newport with Ty, and more recently singing up for a tap dance class with some friends.  For various reasons, my view on life and on making moments count has allowed me to face some fears that I have been carrying for 37 years.  Apparently tonight’s adventure will check off another box: escape a tornado.

The plus side of being out in a crazy storm is that there is some comfort in the magnificence of nature.  In a matter of minutes the sky went from dark and stormy, to calm and peaceful.  I pulled over to marvel in the views that I got witness and appreciated the fact that I had to literally “Weather the storm” to experience the colors and beauty of the aftermath.  I stopped on the side of the road by one of my favorite hills with the most amazing views.  There were a few other cars who stopped and joined me in my admiration and photo ops.  I like people who find beauty in the sun set after a storm.  They are my kind of people.  The ones who recognize the importance of stopping to appreciate a moment.  We always have somewhere to be, some place to hurry up to get to.  Dinner to make, chores to do, part two of the life of a working parent was awaiting me, after all.  But in that moment, standing at the hill and feeling the sporadic cards speed by was where I needed to be.  I was able to capture some of this on camera, though the pictures do not do it justice.  But I wanted to remind everyone to do this more often.  Why not stop and acknowledge the magnitude of the Universe, and our piece of it. I was thankful to have witnessed it, and it has already inspired a whole slew of ideas.