Back to school

The moth of August has come and gone and summer is winding down. Back to school season brings about personal growth, and opportunities for fresh starts. It has always been an interesting time for me but since becoming a mother, the growth from one year to the next seems to be more pronounced as I reflect on the changes in my son. He is back to school as a 4th grader and I can’t help but to get flash backs of 2010, when he was starting his “school career” as a 6 month old beginning daycare. And now here he is with new responsibilities and life challenges. I want to protect him from the kids on the bus who hurt his feelings on the ride home today. I want to stand by his side and tell him not to worry about their opinions, because he is SO SO loved by people who’s opinion really matters. I want to stand up to anyone who dares question his motives, because I know my kid and I know his heart. I want to watch him from a distance as he experiences all of the magnificent things that life has to offer. He is like me in many ways - sensitive to others - both in what they say and what they don’t say. Aware on a deeper level than many others. The future he faces is one that will come with high highs, and low lows. But that’s all part of the magic of those “like us.” We are complex, at times quiet, introspective and thoughtful, but impacted greatly by our environments and the subtitles of everything around us. We are sensitive. I have learned so much about myself over this past month that I want to get it all out so others like me who are just starting to understand their own traits will know there are others of us out there. It’s a new month, and a new start for many. I am looking forward to what is to come for all of us.