Beacons For Peace

Working to promote peace through local and global impact.


Below is an overview of the replicable evolution involved in the Spread The Light methodology.


Local Impact

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The catalyst for change can come in many forms. A combination of intuition, willingness to effect change, and an audacious curiosity is what I attribute to my own inspiration. In this inspired phase, you may be eager to explore or research ways that you can contribute to a greater mission.

When the light sparks within you, the path to Spread the Light becomes more clear.

Light Grows

You may have heard of the law of attraction. Basically, what you put out you receive back. In other words, light attracts light. As you practice positivity in your every day life, not only will you notice an increase in your own wellness, but you affect your environment and thus encourage the light to grow as others adopt similar practices. One of the simplest ways to ignite this light for yourself and in others is to practice small acts of kindness as part of your daily routine. You can do this in hundreds of ways and they usually don’t cost anything. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Practice compassion if you find yourself in a tough situation or when faced with a dilemma

    • All living things deserve respect and compassion

  • Be gracious to those providing a service (Ex: baristas, waitstaff or cashiers)

    • A simple “Thank you,” “I appreciate your help,” or “Have a great day” goes a long way

  • Mirror kindness with people you encounter throughout your day

    • Hold the door open for the person behind you

    • Smile as you make eye contact with people in passing (children especially love this)



Beacon for Peace

When you manifest the energy of your light, thoughts become things and your actions impact those around you. As you learn to harness this power to spread the light in your every day actions, others will be drawn to your energy and mirror this positive behavior. In this phase, you can continue your individual work while also serving as inspiration to others.


Global Impact


Working With Others

Once you have reached a level of personal growth and wellness, the next phase may include an increase in opportunities to collaborate with others with similar interests.

What this looks like can vary on an individual basis, but some of the avenues I became interested in pursuing include classes in: mediation, yoga, and martial arts. You can research mechanisms to collaborate with others in your community who are on the same journey.

Giving Back

When you are in a position to Spread The Light, you may naturally seek out opportunities to volunteer or educate others to encourage social awareness.

One of the ways that I am giving back is by hosting local events that encourage individuals to be part of the larger global Peace Mission. (See the Events page for more info)!



Sliding Scale

Imagine the possibilities when these local opportunities grow on a global scale. One spark can ignite change in the form of personal growth, physical and mental well-being, and spiritual evolution.

Inspiration > Personal Growth >

Community Impact > Global Change