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Thanks to a recommendation from my new friend, Irfan, I purchased Heidi Sawyer’s book, Highly Intuitive People. I spent the morning diving in to the ideas Heidi explores relating to Highly Intuitive People. Heidi combines Dr. Elaine Aron’s research of Highly Sensitive People ( with her own experiences as a highly intuitive individual. “She describes this type of person as someone who is especially sensitive to the energy of others. Highly Intuitive People, also known as Intuitive-Sensitives, are a refined group of sensitive people who are said to make up 15-20% of the population. They experience their world through the deeper senses, generally have a calm persona, care deeply for other people, are very perceptive and are often described as extremely wise and 'knowing'. Highly Intuitive People provides a guide for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed as a result of their natural intuitive abilities and wants to know how they got them, what they're for and how best to use them. This book will help you to understand your talents and how to unleash them in an empowering way for deep self-development. The techniques in this book have already helped thousands of Intuitive-Sensitives to discover and develop their incredible gifts. This is a must-read for those who are driven to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of their life.”

I am only on page 20 so far, but I had to take some time to post this in case there are others who are searching for answers to better understand their sensitive and intuitive qualities. More to come!