Beacons For Peace



Become a Beacon for Peace in your community and help Spread The Light globally.



Launched in 2019, Beacons For Peace began as a spot to collect positive quotes and inspiration. Our mission has grown to reach individuals and communities interested in contributing to the mission of Global Peace. Beacons for Peace provides a foundation for mindfulness, wellness and compassion via social awareness and community events, educational initiatives, and volunteer and humanitarian efforts.

Activating the mind / body connection, individuals who participate in these actions often notice a change in their physical and mental health, an improved quality of life, and report an increase in positive interactions in their environments.

As the positive effects become more evident both individually and within our communities, we transition to become Beacons for Peace - working to spread the light exponentially, ultimately contributing to the global shift in the energy of Peace.


Guiding Principles

We promote our mission following the basic guiding principles:


Small acts of kindness cause a ripple effect leading to social change.


Fostering a positive environment to share ideas leads to participation and buy in ignoring cultural and religious differences.


Cross-promote messages that convey a peaceful call to action across all disciplines, philosophies and sciences.


Encourage humanitarian outreach, educational opportunities, and communicate with transparency to spread the message.


“Audacious curiosity is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Kristy Hughes - Founder



After following the environmental, political, and social issues in today’s global climate, I became inspired to pursue avenues to help spread a message of peace and unity. Leading up to International Peace Day which occurs annually on September 21, I began researching mechanisms to host a local event in support of this message. As a highly sensitive / intuitive, I believe that we all posses an internal light that can be harnessed to manifest Peace through the power of positivity. Serving as Beacons For Peace in our communities, we promote the peaceful call-to-action to spread the light The message to become Beacons For Peace in its simplest sense means to cultivate change both individually and, within our communities. As a natural byproduct, these repeatable actions serve as an example for change on a larger scale, which in practice accumulates on a global scale.


Want to Spread The Light?