Dimensions of Disclosure and Dark Crystal

This is my first year participating in the DOD conference. I was unable to travel across the country this year, so I opted for the live-stream option instead. Today is day two, and I feel like I have gotten a good sense of everything DOD is working on to provide access to knowledge to the world. The topics in each session that I have watched so far are well thought out, relevant, and insightful. I have already experienced several “ah ha!” moments, and dozens of instances where I felt a synchronicity with the material being covered. So far I think Sasha Stone’s presentation (with 140 something slides!) has impacted me the most. He is incredibly relatable and the passion he has for his work oozed out when he spoke with Ben and Rob. The fact that he discussed quantum entanglement and the idea that we need to change our way of thinking to understand the ways of the future underlines my point of audacious curiosity being imperative for change. I have often been fascinated by Tesla. Not only was he an HSP (Hishly senstive person), he was a humanitarian, and would be described as a visionary genius and an empath who cared deeply about humanity.

“Nature has stored up in the universe infinite energy. The eternal recipient and transmitter of this infinite energy is the ether. The recognition of the existence of ether, and of the functions it performs, is one of the most important results of modern scientific research. The mere abandoning of the idea of action at a distance, the assumption of a medium pervading all space and connecting all gross matter, has freed the minds of thinkers of an ever present doubt, and, by opening a new horizon—new and unforeseen possibilities—has given fresh interest to phenomena with which we are familiar of old. It has been a great step towards the understanding of the forces of nature and their multifold manifestations to our senses. It has been for the enlightened student of physics what the understanding of the mechanism of the firearm or of the steam engine is for the barbarian.” - Tesla

Tesla also stated: “The gift of mental power comes from “God,” divine being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power….our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.” I have also been reading that Tesla understood the secrets surrounding the pyramids of Egypt and other ancient cultures that were more advanced then our modern culture of machines.

Time to take a movie break with the family, and then get ready for Ben & Rob! More to come!

EDIT: I just finished watching The Dark Crystal with the family. Has anyone else seen it recently?? It’s literally a direct representation of the different beings that Corey talks about, and ties in perfectly with the cataclysm that he says is coming. I am posting a raw video below that I just took of the final ten minutes. Don’t mind my awkward commentary. I googled it and just learned that there is a series coming out called which builds on everything in the film. “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance builds on everything that made the film great, and it has the potential to become a classic in its own right.” All I can say is, wow…..

“The Dark Crystal, set on the dying world of Thra, followed two Gelflings — the last survivors of a small, elfin race — on a quest to restore a crystal power source that was corrupted by a malevolent birdlike race known as the Skeksis. Age of Resistance, which releases its 10-episode first season on August 30th, is set before those events. The Gelflings are a thriving society of disparate clans loyal to the Skeksis, but are stirred to action when they learn that the Lords of the Crystal are killing Gelflings to extend their own lives.”

In the US, the 10-episode first season of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance debuts on Netflix on August 30th, 2019. Release dates may vary in other countries.”

Perfect timing for a remake, am I right? I know what I will be doing on August 30th!


It's time to return to Thra. Watch the cast and creators discuss returning to Jim Henson's creation almost 40 years later and getting the chance to expand and enrich this already beloved world. From the Jim Henson Company and visionary director Louis Leterrier, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance premieres August 30.